Viani Family Tree

The Viani ~ Hoster Family Tree

Here is the portal to family tree data pages containing all individuals currently saved in my Viani ~ Hoster family tree. The data is updated on a regular basis and includes both paternal and maternal ancestors. Explore the site by clicking on the section titles below. Each presents the tree in its own particular fashion. Some data has been hidden to respect the privacy of children (see Living Persons).

Name Index

To find an individual, start with the Surname Index. All names are listed by surname followed by individual name(s). These “Profile” pages include tabs to display Notes, a bi-directional 6 generation family tree Chart, an Ancestors List, and an interactive Ancestors Distribution Map.

John Gay Hoster, Charles Hoster, Charles Stahl Hoster

Ancestor List – (Nick and Sooney)

When you’ve settled on an individual’s profile from the Surname List (above), click the Ancestors List tab. The ancestors list includes each individual’s migration path that traces the location(s) the person has lived (sorted by date). The list also italicizes immigrant ancestors and bold-faces ancestors who are missing one or both parents, making it is easy to identify areas of needed research.

Christina Stahl Hoster
Christina Reese Stahl (Sooney’s great grandmother)

Distribution Map

This map will cluster all the locations recorded in the tree database upon a fully-featured Google Map. These clusters are represented on the surface of the world as a heat map (experiment with the “Toggle Markers” icon). Zooming in exposes location markers. Hovering over these clusters displays a conversation bubble with the list of persons found there.

Nina Hoster
Nina Hoster (Sooney’s great-aunt, the sister of her grandfather)


A list of all places referenced in the tree database. Locations are displayed in an interactive map I think you’ll enjoy.

Hilda Childberg


Here you’ll find some interesting statistics about the database. Included are the average life spans for each century (for both men and women), the average age of first marriages, and the average number of years per generation. It even tallies the most popular names of profiled relatives.

Hoster Children (clockwise from left): Donald K, Charles, George (Judd), Dorothy

An iPhoto book project compiling many contemporary family members’ photos is available as a QuickTime movie. You may view it here.

Ellen Coughlan Geary & Hubby

The Viani ~ Hoster Family Tree was compiled using Tim Forsythe’s Adam: The GEDCOM Family Tree Builder.  This is a free web service that creates a web-ready family tree by extrating GEDCOM data you compile in a genealogical database editor and upload to ADAM. Read the FAQ for more information.